help with hopping

>>>>> “d” == d kathrens <> writes:

d> Will experienced hoppers discuss the strain hopping places on unicycles?
d> Learning takes lots of practice; am I going to destroy my unicycle in the
d> process?

lots of hopping will put a strain on your pedals and cranks etc. your semcycle
should have good strong steel cranks, so this shouldn’t be a problem. for a
while miyata were experimenting with light-weight cranks and these bent so
easily it was amazing i ended up replacing mine with the best i could buy (from
tom miller). i also had my SR pedals go a bit funny but i was able to take them
apart and fix them (tighten them etc).

make sure you learn to hop with either foot forward and try to do them as
much as each other at least this will tend to reduce the one-sided aspects
of uni wear

i wouldn’t worry about it much

d> I have lowered my seat as recommended and run the tire at lower pressure so
d> that it looks almost half flat when riding.

i guess it says somewhere in the faq that lowering the seat will help i wouldn’t
bother (unless it was me who contributed that to the faq :-)) having it a bit
higher (not too high) will help you control the seat with your legs (though your
hand pulling up the saddle will look after control).

d> I took a hint from the report of the British unicycle meet “Feerst ve do ze
d> freezink, zen ve do ze hoppink”. I have been practicing that: coming to a
d> stop, standing with cranks level. Then I grasp the nose of the saddle, drop
d> to compress the tire, then hop up using my ankles and pulling up on the
d> saddle.

it sounds like you’re doing everything right you didn’t say whether you were
doing multiple hops but i presume you are it took me lots of bouncing beside
curbs before i felt like i was ready to go up it’s not easy until you get it…

i have to run sounds like you just need practice.

i’ll say more later maybe. terry.