help with hopping

I’ve been able to get the 1993 and 1994 archives through the local public
library’s Internet account, saving me the cost of a 2400 baud download
through GEnie. Only trouble is I have to go to the library to read it on
the public PC. Oh well, the price is right…

 Reading this treasure trove has been most enlightening and I thank you all
 for contributing to my unicycling knowledge base. Right now I am
 concentrating on learning to hop high enough to climb curbs and stairs,
 also want to learn that crazy skipping-rope-while-hopping trick.

 Will experienced hoppers discuss the strain hopping places on unicycles?
 Learning takes lots of practice; am I going to destroy my unicycle in
 the process?

 I weigh 150# and ride one of the last Matthews 24" unis produced. It has a
 'Van Schothorst' (made in Holland) 24 by 1.90 rim, 28 spokes in 3-cross
 pattern, cotterless hub/axle and fairly sturdy-looking no-name crank arms.
 I have upgraded to Sakae rubber-ended pedals with adjustable ball bearings.
 I have lowered my seat as recommended and run the tire at lower pressure so
 that it looks almost half flat when riding.

 I took a hint from the report of the British unicycle meet "Feerst ve do
 ze freezink, zen ve do ze hoppink". I have been practicing that: coming to
 a stop, standing with cranks level. Then I grasp the nose of the saddle,
 drop to compress the tire, then hop up using my ankles and pulling up on
 the saddle.

 I MIGHT be getting two inches of air under the tire, almost no forward
 motion. Yet some of you say you begin hopping a curb from as much as two
 feet away to get proper crank angles? I assume control will improve with
 practice, but what do I have to do to get more height? How do you get the
 height and the forward leap at the same time?