help with hopping

while seat in hopping up stairs i seem to be drifting or travelling backwards a bit instead of just moving sideways up the steps any ideas what i might be doing wrong?i can hop in the same spot no problem any help would be great.thanks

I’ve had this problem too. When you hop up the steps, are you facing them at an angle? I tend to because it can give me more clearance with the pedals rather than being at a perfect 90 degree angle. So you actually are moving sideways, but the angle means you’re further back on each step. I find this happens more on my trials uni than my muni… the trials pedals are closer to the steps, so I need the angle more to keep from bottoming out. Practice should help :slight_smile:

i will try that thanks. i’ve only been riding about 5 weeks now so more practice it will for a night session thanks again.