Help with hoppin.

I’ve been trying to hop while moving, with no luck. I can roll up to a log/curb or whatever, stop, and then hop over it. But I’d really like to keep my momentum going, hop over, and keep riding.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Leanr how to rolling hop over small stuff, like twigs and suuch, first, to get the timing down…then slowly work up the size, and you’llg et logs eventually

yep, do what monkeyman said, it helps a lot, like start with a crack in the street or something, also if you go, stop for a little, hop, then go again, and keep doing that but use less and less time for stopping, youll be able to just roll and hop like its nothing =p or just do what i did and start going and just go for it until you get it right, either way your gonna get it down :smiley:

Like monkeyman says, start small. I would add start wide so that you can turn slightly to lengthen your path to the obstacle and get your pedals in a favorable position before you hop. This is especially usefull for hopping up curbs after crossing a street. Weave slightly to get the path length just right for the pedal position you prefer.

What I started doing was rolling up next to a curb or something, stopping, and then hopping on to it… As I practiced I got to the point where I could do a rolling hop sideways onto it… Then it’s just a matter of hitting it at more and more of an angle until it’s a rolling forward hop…

I probably won’t be much help here. I can actually rolling hop but I have trouble with balance on static hops. I find rolling hops easier, just had to come to terms with jumping off the back foot, which is completely unnatural but doesn’t take too long. Anyway I don’t really have anything to add

I will try out those tips, and report back any progress.
Thanks everyone.

Got any tips or maybe a tutorial for rolling hops sometimes i get the timing just right… but most of the time i dont and bail i just cant get my head around the technique and should i be able to pull off a rolling hop from any pedal position or just from my normal hoppin position.
I did a seach but didnt find much

go to and go to trials skills and there is a rolling hop tutorial

That was good but come on it aint exactly a tutorial it only realy helped with body position.
I was expecting someone to jump in with an in-depth explination followed by a slow mo vid or something

At first glance i thought i was looking at a stamp collection or you could print it cut it out and stick it on the inside of your rim then when you look down you would see it in motion

when u get to higher things… u can hop going strait… but what I suggest is to turn at a bit of an angle not alot tho… maybe like 10-15 degrees… and rlly kick ur feet up… so you can almost touch your foot-tire with your hand… you should be able to get good height with practice… I can do 6 pallets like that…