Help with handlebars

A well-covered topic, I know, but a lot of the posts I viewed were rather dated and I’m just hoping to get up-to-date info on what’s available in commercially produced T-bar type handles. General searches do not come up with much other than the Kris Holm model. Certainly there are others? I’m interested in something compact for muni, and also wondering if anyone is selling the asymmetrical type I have seen that favor your dominant hand. Assistance is much appreciated!

@jaco_flans makes what you want. Not sure if he has any in stock (or ever stocks any), but he produces them in small runs. See them on his instagram. I’m sure you can send him a message here and he’ll be glad to help.


There is the “Nimbus Shadow Handle” and the “Qu-Ax Q-Handle” (but that is not really a T-bar)

@finnspin thank you, that is the one. Now I wonder if eccentric is indeed the way to go? But, I think it is. Cheers!

It is for me, I gave up on ever being fully symmetrical with my hands. I can still use either hand on the brake, but the right hand (which I use most of the time) is more comfortable due to the angle, but it’s still nice and compact overall. (My “T-bar” is almost an exact copy of the asymmetric ones Jacob builds).


As for all positionning for whatever sport you’re in, it’s mostly personnal preference.

I really like the Asym bar because your braking hand has a very natural position and you can brake with your index and still have a closed grip. To me, it gives a much better control in technical and bumpy terrain and still have the brake control you’d have on easier terrain since your hand has a much better grip (and more regular grip!).

I’m currently out of grips, but I do have handles. I will get more going again after Unicon :slight_smile:


Mad 4 One have some options (when they’re in stock)


Unless I’m mistaken I don’t think there’s any easy way to mount them to a normal saddle. They’re designed to be strapped to a handle saddle as an extension.

You’re right. I was looking for the Ursli bar that does bolt on but couldn’t find the link on M4O

You can still get the “URSLI” variant (now produced by mad4one) which mounts on a standard seat with 4 bolts.
The way they list it is pretty confusing, it’s in the dropdown menu for type of mount, with no further explanation.


I would be happy to pre-order/pre-pay if that is an option. Have a great time at Unicon! I’ve never been, and making it a goal to attend the next one.

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Send me a private message, I can send you a picture of what I offer and we can chat. There will be more of those for sure :slight_smile:

I’m happy to say that a few of your handles are on their way to us here in South Africa, and one if them is destined for me

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Jakob’s bars are mint!


Yeah, he’s coming out with some other options like strawberry or lime next year.

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