Help with grinds needed

Hi. I’ve been trying to grind for a few weeks on and off now at my local skatepark, but its not working.I think i am stalling wrong. I grind on both the crank and the pedal at the same time, but i never move. If you know how to grind, please tell me.

Also, if you have aver unicycled on a quarter/half pipe, how do you “drop in”?

Ride up faster, jump on harder…basically just grow some nuts.

To drop in just roll over the copeing, making sure you clear away from the wall a bit so that you don’t touch it until you’re most of the way round. You can’t ride down the face, you can’t pedal far enough, so try and fall for most of the vertical wall. When you’ve done it it really isn’t that great to be honest, a half-pipe isnt a whole lot of use to a unicyclist.

to drop in, I usually hop into the quarter pipe (though quarter pipes are indeed useless for unicycles, with very few exceptions)