help with gliding!!!

could anyone please help me with gliding? I am learning right now by wheel walking and then stopping to see how far i can get, but if someone could offer there expertise then i would really appreciate it.

Learn to one foot wheel walk, then just start lengthening your strides, you will be gliding a little there. Then just go from there I guess.


could somebody be considered ready to one foot wheel walk when they can wheel walk with both feet nonstop?

Yes, as long as you can wheel walk slowly, then you are ready to learn one-footed.

that is hard to do… i always end up speeding up and falling backwards

Have you tried slowing down?

when i said wheel walking i meant to say 1 foot whell walking(sorry). I do try to slow down by gently pressing my foot on the tire. I tried going down a light hill today, but i find it easier to practise on flatland.

just put practise into it, usually solves most problems :slight_smile: