Help with frisco highline trail in Missouri !

Help! My girl and I are travelling from Houston to ride the Frisco Highland trail but we can’t find a place to rent us unicycles. -or bikes. We will be flying into Fayetteville, Ark Saturday afternoon (11-1-08), and heading home via Conway/Little Rock on Sunday (Pru’s birthday). We’re trying to celebrate our 50th birthday (again, and a little early) but don’t want to walk the 30 miles to Bolivar. Can somone hook us up with a pair of bikes, or a uni and a bike?

We would be totally thankful and happy to pay rental fees. I could cite Greg Harper as a reference that I’m capable of returning borrowed cycles (and clothes), but he’ll probably act like he doesn’t know me.

If you are in that area, please consider helping me out.
Jerry Gruss

I don’t know Jerry Gruss. If I did know him I wouldn’t trust him. I do know Prudence and she’s a stand up girl. You can count on her. Maybe she’ll straighten Gruss out if he’s lucky enough that she sticks with him for a while. At least I might think that if I knew him which of course I don’t. Sam Gruss on the other hand, his brother, I DO know and he has MAJOR connections in the Unicycling Society of America. He probably doesn’t know or trust Jerry, if that’s even his real name, either.