Help with different unicycles and riding styles

Okay, so I want to know what a better unicycle feels like compared to a cheap one. I just want to know the difference.

Also, what are the different styles of unicycling? I know what MUni is, but I don’t know what the difference is for freestyle, flatland, street, etc.

lurk around the forums a little more, go to, read read read : ) use the search function!!

a better uni will be lighter weight, easier to ride (in general), and more rigid/solid. Definitely more durable.

with a nicer uni, you don’t have to worry about doing off the wall tricks, you can be sure it’ll hold up (within reason of course)

as for riding styles, there’s plenty of different websites out there. . . including wiki

A “better” unicycle will feel exactly the same. Except maybe the seat will feel different. Also if the weight is different you might notice that. and if it’s a different tire you might be able to feel that. Or it could just be the relative tire pressure. Different length cranks will also feel different.

Everything beyond that is just details. If you’re a beginner rider, not very important details.

And what Juggle addict said. Stop creating threads. I hardly ever create threads and i have however many thousand posts. Start reading & searching. You might start here; it’s pretty heavy reading, but it does actually contain the definitions of several riding styles:

(For the IUF Rulebook)