Help with cranks

I have a nimbus hub and I really want koxx one 135 street cranks as I tryed some the other day (much better than quax 125 leightweight cranks) I have searched the forums and I know the older cranks won’t fit but I was wondering if the new koxx isis fitted the nimbus hub or should I get the quax 125 cromo (this is for flat)

any help would be appriciated


You could email your supplier to make sure.

What is it you find so much better about the Koxx cranks after 1 day on them?

well i was using quax cranks not the ones made for flat but the ones standerd on the nimbus 20 basically i really like them they just seem to fit the right amount of my shoe on them without sticking out and banging my ankels like the rollos on the moments do when i ride normally (not that I have moments just from experience other wise i’d be using them strongest crank ever) thanks