Help With Crankrolling

Any tips for crankrolling. I can’t get any where with them and have practiced for like 2 hours straight

Sup. I just land my first crankroll the other day.
Like learning anything else, it’s really frustrating to learn. But, just practiced in my garage for a couple of hours, cranked up some Beat Civilian, and landed it.
The biggest problem I had was comitment. Finally, I just had to use all my mental power to make sure my foot landed on the pedal.
Basically, just practice over and over and over again. just like learning to ride a uni, give your body and mind some time to get used to balancing in weird situations. I’ll try to film my self doing it.


whats a crankroll?

do you mean a crankflip?

I used to call them crankspins when I learned them.

It is is flatland trick young one.

Which kind of crankroll are you talking about?

A crankroll is when you roll on the crank.

oh kk, on one crank? or on both like you did in that one youtube vid.

just like a basic one. I can’t seem to get the uni and me to move with the wheel, it just ends up flying out in front of me:(

k, I lean back, and pull the wheel back with my foot, though not so you hit the other side of the crank, just before that, 3-6 inches untill it or so, then just do it agian, and it should be right under you.

That is for going backwards, not forwards