help with cotterless to isis

eh guys, i got a isis and cotterless unis but i want to change my cotterless to a isis. do i have to change my whole rim or is there a spefic part i dont know my parts yet :roll_eyes: just the basic ones

You would have to get an ISIS hub and cranks,
you could probly use the rim youve got now iff it has
36 spoke holes.

you will need to buy an ISIS hub and cranks, and new spokes. You will also have to check that the hub you buy will fit in your frame, both in terms of bearing size and spacing. You will have to build the rim spokes and hub in to a new wheel, which can take some time and patience.

you need to buy This and this and be sure to buy from Canadian u.d.c(unicycle dot com)
that way no customs fees

What kind of uni do you have ?

There are some cotterless with 42 mm bearing size, but most, Torkers, and many others use a 17x40 mm. KH is gonna have some 40 mm bearings for his hubs, but he doesn’t have them yet.

There are NOT any cotterless hubs with 42mm bearings.

KH is NOT going to make 40 mm bearings for his hubs.


Check your frame with the cotterless hub in will be able to fit 42mm ISIS bearings or you will need to get a new frame as well.

I kinda though my radial had 42’s

But then I looked and Jim’s right.

I forgot where I read about KH having some 22x42’s made. Like it was a plan, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe Jim is right about that also.

I kinda think this isn’t such a good idea, upgrading parts piecemeal will cost more $ then just buying a whole KH from BI. A unicycle is a little like a chain, you have to make all the parts strong, not just some of them, to get something really stronger.

Be especially sure to check the size of the bearings on your current unicycle; if it’s a cotterless hub then there is a good chance that they are 40 mm bearings, so an ISIS hub wont fit in your frame.

If it will fit though, then you just need the hub and some cranks to match. I have a habit of reusing old spokes if they’re the right length, but you may want to buy new ones (especially if the old ones won’t fit. :slight_smile: ).

I disagree, replacing a single weak part can make your unicycle gobs stronger for very little cost compared to buying a whole new unicycle. Example: I swapped out the cotterless hub on my 24" nimbus for a Torker DX hub and cranks and it is now the whole unicycle is stronger than I will ever need it to be. Much cheaper than buying a new Kris Holm unicycle.