Help With Buying

Do any of you know of a good, cheap unicycle?

like entry level

Torker LX. and btw you need to search a little first, the thread two under this one asked the same question

Not a begginers cycle. Like a cycle for the guys that know how to ride.

oh ok then

go with a koxx-one devil. you can get them from renegade juggling and they cost a 100 less then a a KH, also you can choose what colors you want for the rim frame, seat post clamp, and saddle.

also they look damn sexy!

Det-riot, it would be better if we new what he wanted to do w/ his uni.

Torker LX

Like others, I would reccommend the Torker LX. I bought an LX 24 last June for about $110, and it has served me well. I would not use it for extreme street riding or muni. I upgraded to a 700c (29 inch) uni in February, but don’t regret getting the Torker. If you lose interest, you are only out $110. If you remain interested and decide to upgrade, you have a uni to loan out to get others interested.


So, you want a cheap, high-end unicycle?

Don’t we all?

Torker DX 20" on eBay, ~$225
KH 20" on AEBike, not in stock, ~$365?

The Knox one is sick!!! I am gonna have to get some money.