help with bc wheel

so i took the front wheel off my old b*ke and put pegs bc i dont konw how to make platforms i can ride a very short distance about 10% of the time other then that i hop on and fall imedlty is there secreat or just pratice like everything else

Yeah, it takes a bit of practice.

Drop plates make it so much easier, too. I think that they are the trick to learning how to do it, but if you try enough I think you could get it down pretty good with pegs.

thanks i guess ill just keep praticing (sp)

you could buy some plates from darren bedford at or yeah you can keep practicing with your pegs …

the difficulty w/ pegs is that they roll under your feet, so unless you have a big arch in your shoes that the pegs will stay situated in, you’re out of luck, you’ll roll right off
plates allow you to focus on just balance rather than worrying about just rolling off the pegs every time