help with attaching ladder ramp to...

I need suggestions for the best way to attach this ladder/ramp to the top side of the sandwich board. I need to be able to take it on and off quickly, so no screws or nails. I thought of a bracket but I can’t find one in this angle.

Ideally something that the ladder could easily slip onto at each side and the “holders” could be permanently attached to the sandwich board.:slight_smile:


sounds like you need some bits of wood on hinges at the edge of the ladder that can hook ove rthe top of the sandwich board, maybe that would work?

I know you need something without screws or nails, but you’re asking for trouble (or injury) making anything trials-related without a secure attachment. I’m afraid of using ladder boards on anything but soft dirt, as they’re notorious for shifting underneath your weight on hard surfaces.

Why not use bolts with wingnuts for attachment? You won’t need tools, just your fingers, to set everything up.

That being said, I’d put a couple angle brackets on the ladder and bend 'em as necessary to hook onto your sandwich board.

The only thing I can think of is a bracket like this that would fit into the slot in the middle of your board.
There must be something lying around somewhere.

Hey, those three years training as a technical illustrator really paid off!

Cut slots in your sandwich board and deep notches in the bottom of the parts of the ladder that are touching the boards.

The boards of the ladder will slide in and lock down, you can then stick a wedge in the space at the top of the hole where it locks it down to keep it from bouncing if that becomes an issue

Sorry I dont have any photoshop or paint program at work, only good Ideas :smiley:

Couldn’t find the “ladder” brackets; nobody working at Home depot even heard of them, lol! (not surprised though) So I went with heavy duty hooks with super long, thick threads and they are IN tight! Seems to work fine with no wobble and the sandwich board is stable as well. I can hokk/unhook the ramp uber-quick now! Thanks to ALL for your help and advice! :smiley:
PS: I angled the hooks from the ramp so they can’t “pop off”, instead of a “?” angle. But again, the ladder seems to be rock solid when jumping on it. I also lengthened the rope stays so I could open the board a little more so it will also add to the stability. I thought that if it was too narrow in angle, that it might tip while hopping up the ladder. Now I need to add some old tire tread to the bottom so it won’t slip on smooth surfaces. Also, I want to make at least one 3’x3’ manual pad (like a pallet) for hopping onto once I get to the top of the sandwich board. I can place it like 5’ away and gap to it.

Then maybe do a couple 360 hop twists and a static highjump and tire grab. Not much else I can do since I don’t really do tricks and I’m not consistent enough yet with unispins and stuff. Besides, I think they will be impressed with the jumping and dropping part haha. And of course, a big part of my “selling point” is my “advanced” age lol! Then, I plan to coax them outside so I can do a stair jump and other stuff, plus jump over a willing volunteer! :slight_smile:



…and now you get to paint them all purty colors!!


Hey good idea! Maybe stencil on my logo too! :stuck_out_tongue:

And printed on there somewhere, my philosophy:

“For me life isn’t about avoiding obstacles, but rather meeting them head on, and getting over them!” :sunglasses:

You have a logo?
Wish I had one of those…

Just make one up. :slight_smile:

I decided to test the strength of the hooks I just installed that attach my ladder ramp to a sandwich board… by hopping up it on my coker! Tricky stuff! :astonished:
When you’re riding a 36er as it was designed-on the ground-you’re really not aware of just how heavy, bulky and “sluggish” they are to respond to trials maneuvers! It’s almost like I’m in slow motion! :o