Help with .asx videos at

Windows media player refuses to play the Japanese freestyle .asx video files found at this location for me! Nor does it point me to where I can download them! Can anyone help?


Tony, when I try right clicking to download, I get a very small file that doesn’t work in MediaPlayer. When I left click to directly play, MediaPlayer comes up and immediately starts playing ok. This is Windcows 2000 and Windows Media Player 9.


Works fine for me, have the latest version of Windows media player. A box came up when I first went to the page asking if I wanted to download the characters for the page, I didn’t. Reminds me of ice skating.

I had problems download those videos last July. Check this thread for info.

The links are working for me now without resorting to the fix in the above thread. Something may have changed on their server. After Windows Media Player downloads (and plays) the video you can copy it out of your browser cache and put it somewhere more permanent for future viewing.

Thanks, John. I recall you having written those instructions in that thread ages ago, but at the time I had only a dial-up connection so downloading them was painfully slow. Now that I can get 'em faster I’m interested again!


Those are some crazy vids man. Almost makes me want to be Japanese :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, wait…


incredible videos, i hope you get them to work.

ohh man, i think their server went down before i got to save the vids. Would anyone happen to have saved them in case thier server isnt planning on coming back up?

THAT WAS NUTS!!! :astonished:

That poor server takes a big hit every time a link to those videos is posted in the forum.

I put the videos in my gallery.
Direct link to the Japanese freestyle videos:

I have some more videos but the videos are in Real Media format and the gallery software rejects them because it doesn’t know how to handle that format. I don’t know how to convert Real Media files into a more useful format (like MPEG). If I can figure out a solution I’ll add the other videos to the gallery later.

I added four Real Media files to my Japanese Freestyle Gallery

I had to rename the RAM files with an AVI extension to trick the gallery into uploading them. You will need to rename the files back to a RAM extension and play them with the RealOne media player. They’re good videos so it is worth the effort.

John Childs you rock!!!

you just made my day! i didnt think i would see those again. Thank you! :slight_smile: