Help with alot of little things?!?!?!?!

hi im still pretty new to these forums so thanks for helping. i was looking for help on a few things.

  1. how do you practice for the 180 muni spin/ mount b/c i dont know if i should hold onto something or not.
  2. any tips on going backwards. i havent put alot of time into it but it seems diffucult
  3. when doin the wheel walk how do you get your feet back onto pedals?
  4. any tips on crankflip? i cant get the jump and spoin thing:(
  5. any tis on jumping while moving? i can jump high but i can only jump with left foot forward so i rarely get the chance to jump while going forward.

Thanks (if you can help)
sorry that im a noob

A lot of what you are asking is just down to practice really. It may seen difficult to begin with but you will get it eventually.

As for jumping, you will have a dominant foot, as everyone does so you will automatically want to jump when that foot is forwards. That is just normal.

I’m not exactly the best person to advise on tricks but there are tutorials around… use the search function and have a look, or look for videos on youtube, they help too.

1) Riding backwards.
2) Wheel walking a unicycle.
3) Crankflipping a unicycle from 1 of the best unicyclists.
4) This Bunny Hopping tutorial may help you somewhat in bunny forward jumps.
5) It’s all good, cause we were all noobs at one point. :smiley:

Hopefully what i posted should help you. If not, let me know and welcome to the forums too also. :smiley:

I’m going to have to disagree. Front foot is just preference. My right foot is my dominant foot, but I hop left foot forward. I ride skateboards goofy. It’s all about what feels comfortable.

Your uni stance is correct, your skate stance is not… It really is just preference, so there is no “correct” way. However, typically your dominant foot should be in back. Does not mean it has to be tho.

I should have made my post more clear. What you said is what I was trying to emphasize. My skate and unicycle stances are opposites, but to me they both feel comfortable.

I think you said it fine. I just wanted to make it a bit more clear, for those that are confused, that your strong/power/kicking foot typically should be in the back. But whatever feels right is right.

I wasnt sure where to post this and i dont think it deserves its own thread but theres this flat trick where u put on foot resting between the frame and the tire andu push off with that to do a 180 over the uni. What is this trick called and how do u do it? Thanks

If I remember correctly, it’s called a 180 stepover.

There’s a video tutorial for them in the gallery.

ok thanks :sunglasses:


I’m a MUni rider and just wanted to add something.

Everyone has a dominant stance before they jump. It could be your left foot or right foot forward. That’s great, but it is really good, especially if you ride trails, to practice jumping from both positions. Sometimes a jump will save you on the trail and it helps if you can jump with a right foot OR left foot forward. While it takes lots of practice to get both jumps down, it will save you on rough terrain.


is it nessecary to switch arm when switch foot position. Like i hop with right foot foward using my right arm, so should i switch to my left arm when hopping left foot foward?

actually that was a silly question, why dont i just go out and try

No, You should only make sure that hold the seat with your right hand when hop to the left, and left hand while hopping to the right.

u sound like ur at the exact same spot as me haha i am trying to unispin, crank flip, and jump higher but am having trouble with all of them:p