Help with a unicycle video

Hey guys,

Just a quick request to see if anyone can help me.
I am hoping to do a cross country ride from coast to coast (UK) in August and will need either a 29" or 36" unicycle.
Unfortunately I am not flush with money so am applying for a grant through work to get me a unicycle. As part of the application I have chosen to make a short video about what I am planning to do and what new equipment I am going to need.

Here is where you come in. What I need is some film of people unicycling.
Specifically I would like someone riding a 36" next to a 29" and 20" to demonstrate speed and size differences.
I could also do with a few stills of a 20" next to both a 29" and 36".

Any help would be greatly appreciated and the film will be uploaded to youtube for your viewing pleasures!



Is anyone able to point me in the right direction. I really do need some footage of different sized unicycles and comparisons of speed if possible!