help with a seat post.

Unfortunately on Friday I snapped my stock Koxx seat post, while hopping down a curb at the end of my drive way which is only about 20mm! I’m guessing it had weakened over progressive wear. For now its got a very short cromo post of my Muni on it.
The question is what 27.2mm post is best to replace it with. I want something that will last ages and I’m not really bothered about weight, any suggestions?
Price is an issue to, but not huge.

Thanks in advance, Scott.

The same thing happened to me on my black domina i jumped down a curb and my post just fell off. Anyways about the seat post I’d either go with the Pit Fighter II, a Kris Holm Adjustable Rail Post or even another try all reinforced.

1.The pit fighter is £40, which IS too much.
2.The KH is an idea
3.The same post again… I don’t know, I don’t want the same to happen a year down the line.

Is the forged KH available anywhere? I can’t find it on UDC UK.

For how long have you been using this seatpost?

If it broke after a year this is good… I broke my chromo seatpost in 5 months…

Get a cromo post. They are the strongest.

and cheapest i’m guessing.

i think you can even get a reinforced one and not have to worry about it ever again.

Yes. 20$ US. KH are like twice that or something… I don’t know, so do your own price checking.

Plus, you can get Cromo’s welded when broke, with alu you need a whole new post.

I broke a reinforced post… with little effort at all.

I’ll go with the cromo then. Cheap and strong

Thanks (again!)

get the quaz reinforced with a shim. ive got oe and its light, awesome and appaerntly as strong as a pit fighter

get the Qu-ax reinforced. that post is seriously good, and since it has the stickyouty bit (cant remember what it is called :thinking: , I know its the reinforcing part) I doubt that you will break it as easy. its well worth £12

A cromo post isn’t the better option, I broke mine in 4~5 months.

Guilherme just bent his seatpost on the plate! It’s easy to repare…

I think that if you don’t want to spend so much money, go with a CrMO… Its heavy but strong…

You can buy another try-all or KH too…

I’m acctualy wondering how your try all had so long life… Usually this seatpost brakes pretty easily!

I ride pretty easily. I’m too fat and lazy to go and kill my unicycle. That’s how it lasted so long! :smiley:

Stop being a wimp and weld you seat bolts to your seat tube :wink: