Help with a no-footer-i've been trying for a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP

I need help with my no-footers-it was in june 07 that I started trying to learn a unispin- the october 07 when i started no-footers. I started with a lot of practice but i always came hoe beaten and dejected,so after about 3 weeks I barely practiced them. Now the cold has come but I have one day now that is dry(sort of) and sunny- I need to know what is wrong. the way i do it is i look at the pedals while im sif jumpimg then hop lightly and push on the seat, please give me any suggestions:(

I’m looking forward to seeing some replies here- I’m working on no-footers too. I can only get my feet a short way off the pedals before I feel I’m going to fall. I think I just need confidence, but at the moment it’s rather difficult to find any.

oh, and by the way…
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You coud give up for the time being and learn to wheel walk?

Hey, I’ll try to upload a video in a while. I don’t have any time right now but I’ll be able to do it after a few hours… But here are some tips.
Hop seat in. It’s soooooo much more easy.
When you jump, don’t push down on the saddle. If anything, pull it up. You want to pull up your feet. Start really small. maybe an inch. Seriously.
Once you’re able to jump up, kick out your feet and land back on the uni, you can start going bigger.
Also, it dosn’t matter if you land on the pedals or not. If you have to land on the cranks, go for it. You can work on aiming your feet for the pedals as you get better at them.

I think that’s it… Peace.


I hope it helps. No-footers are by far my favorite trick…
Good luck!

i liked the shifty at the end goats, im gonna hafta try that


hmm, i haven’t really thought abut no footers, i spose they look pretty impressive and are a good filler in flat parts of a line. I think i will take up trying them, after trying to unispin gets boring (and how), they look pretty cool indeed.
cheers goats

that video helps. im gunna have to try those. may i suggest a haircut?:stuck_out_tongue:

do you want to go si or sif? what do you do with the seat pull up or push down? i no goats said pull up but when i try that i cant get my feet off the pedals… i used the search… it almost killed me;)