Help with a gallery highlight

I can’t get my video album to have a highlight unless I put a picture in it :frowning: I have noticed that everybody else does it but I can’t figure out how. Please tell me if you know how.

You can see it at


Sorry about the link. Here it is again.

Hope this one works.

The gallery no longer supports the highlight images for video files. It was an unintentional feature in an earlier version of the gallery software. When Gilby upgraded to a later version of the gallery that feature disappeared. The old trick was to upload a picture with the same name as the video and it would show up as the highlight for the video. That trick no longer works.

An alternative is to upload a picture an order it so it is next to the video file like I did in my Japanese freestyle gallery.

I just read my post again and it did not come across like I meant, sry. I would like to make the ALBUM with a highlight. When you enter my gallery there are two albums, photos, and videos. The videos album says no highlight. I can get it to be a highlight if I put a picture in it. But I don’t want to put a picture in it.

Is this understandable?

Sorry about the misunderstanding.

You can mark photos as hidden. Then they won’t show up in the gallery (unless you’re the owner of the gallery and are logged in). Add a photo, mark it as hidden, then mark it as the highlight photo.

Thank you very much! It works now. Really appreciate it.