Help with a first unicycle

Hey guys, I’m sure this is very noobish of me but I really need your help.

I got a new 2010 Torker LX pro 20 inch yesterday and am having some problems assembling it.

It seems on the left side of the fork where the nuts go in, it’s tabbed and they go right in. But on the right side the holes are circular. Is this how it’s supposed to be? I can’t seem to figure out how to put it together and the manual is too vague to help.

Thanks for any help
I can get pictures if needed

That would help a lot because I can’t even imagine what the problem is :wink:

Here is a picture of the two sides of the fork and the two different hole types.

Photo 369.jpg

It seems to me like they should be the same on both sides right?

That’s just… strange… I think. I have never seen something similar before. Maybe someone else can help you with this.

I’m not sure what to do about it.

Just got back from a local bike dealer and they have no idea.

Also e-mailed torker asking about it.

Any other opinions?
Am I an idiot or is this a defect or what?

By any chance does the bottom cap for that side have the hex head bolt cutouts?

that’s what I thought would make sense but it does not.

Torker e-mailed me back, it is a defect. Thanks for everyones comments.

I’ll bet the’re were a few “what the heck” comments at head office when they saw that photo.

That poor top cap missed its turn in the mill.

I actually just walked int he house. My son and I were outside riding ours. That is a complete defect. Can’t say I’m surprised, no offense. Feel free to read my story here My Torker LX Pro Story...

It appears you could find a way of getting it assembled even with it like this. The hexagon hold the nut in place so it doesn’t spin when tightening. If you can find a way to get it tight without the nut turning then you are in business. FYI, my frame is not like this. One word… China

Call me crazy but I just posted a reply. Where is it? I am subscribed to the thread and the post went through. Anyway, here’s my story My Torker LX Pro Story...

Sorry about your luck. One word… CHINA

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