Help with a crankflip.

Hey can anyone help with how to start to learn a crankflip? I dont know how to get started. Im an ok street and trials rider. so if anyone could help.

This hopefully will help you

I miss shaun videos…

So I’ve been riding for about two years now and I can do some things, like ride one footed and backwards and hop fairly well (up to the top of a picnic table) but I know little in the way of tricks. Aside from a crankflip and a unispin, what sort of tricks exist in the unicycling world?

Anyone couldn’t help. People who can crankflip would be able to though.

Really, the only trick you need to learn is how to search these forums. There are dozens of threads on crankflipping, you just need to find 'em and read 'em!

The least known, but most useful trick in the unicycling world is using the search feature. If you search for “trick list” or the like, you’d find a lot of tricks in a little time… in comparison to posting a thread and waiting for the answer.

You haven’t been introduced to flat then?

Thats a good example :stuck_out_tongue: has some flat, and theres also different combinations of crankflips and unispins, like treyflips (360 unispin and crankflip at the same time) used in street, which are also in there :slight_smile:


You have yet to realize the world of street/flat unicycling. Here are some videos that’ll show you some things that can be done on a uni :wink:

Common tricks these days often involve a combination of unispins, crankflips, and hoptwists, varying in technicality depending on how many times the unicycle spins, the wheel rotates, or the rider twists. There’s a lot of stuff being done involving crankrolls too. Just check out some videos on youtube, vimeo, and, and keep up with the posts on you’ll know what’s up in no time :wink:

Steet is pretty straight forward. Flat is very impressive… looks difficult. How do you go about learning to do it?

Looooads of practice/watching other peoples videos xD

Figures. Never an easy way in unicycling is there? Just practice and pain… Gotta love it eh? And sorry Maestro, should have seen the search option. Well, now I know.

Not the pain part. Before reading this, my advice on learning the crankflip (from someone who never tried) is get a good pair of shinguards. :slight_smile:

Then use the Search.


if there is one thing i learnt from unicon… it was “stop it, pop it” :smiley: