help with 360-ing

there may already be a thread about this, but i dont care. i would appreciate any pointers on how to effectively 360 twist in the air. thanks

theres a section on with some tips on 360s…ill copy and paste it here for ya


If youre doing the 360s with a rolling hop, its best to start out be turning a sharp 90 right before the hop. You only have to hop 270 and it gives you the feel for turning completely and riding out in the same direction. Once you can do this pretty smoothly, you can start to actually try to get the extra 90 degrees in. Also if you watch Dan Heaton and Dan Doerkson do them, their arms make a funny movement above their heads… hard to explain, but if you see it you know what I mean.
Kevin McMullin

I find that the biggest reason why people can do 180s, but not 360s, is because its really easy to just pivot 180 really quickly. Like you can jump, and pretty much just twist your legs and spin 180. But for 360, your whole body has to go rather than just the lower body. So it takes a lot more flow from the body and twist in the upper body. Very hard to explain. I find a 360 is a trick that will just come to you one day. Thats what happened to me.
Kevin McMullin

i hope andrew doesn’t mind me quoting his webpage like this. i found those pointers from kevin pretty helpful – right now i can get about 300 degrees. almost there :slight_smile:


Don’t mind at all. There’s also a video tutorial on ‘hop twisting’ if you don’t mean rolling 360’s down stairs, etc. but I can only do 270’s on the spot. Still I think the observations of the technique involved are valid. I’ll learn 360’s one day.