HELP...Will it fit?

Hey every1 im new 2 unicycling and i wanted to know if this tire will fit on my unicyle?
Im trying to convert my street uni to a trials uni. Please help.



I don’t think it will. The rim isn’t big enought.

I think. Don’t take my word for it

that particular tire is the front tire for a mod trials bike, and is designed to fit a regular 20" rim, so you should be fine.
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I’d study some more. I don’t think it’d fit

Doubt it will fit with the clearance.

Call UDC

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what is UDC?

UDC = (Unicycle Dot Com)

I’ve gotten a 2.35" Kenda Nevegal tire to fit on my 26" LX, so it might work. You may have to hammer in the frame a bit at the top to give it enough clearance. You’re safest bet would be to find a skinnier tire. It seems odd to want that type of tire for a 20" LX though; any reason for it?

i wanna beef it up cuz i do more trials that street riding, and 4 me its easier to do it wit a bigger tire, plus it should give it more bounce

An LX isn’t meant for that type of riding, so unless you’re really light your LX probably won’t last you too long. You might want to look into getting a beefier uni if you want to keep your LX in one piece.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the LX, and it looks like if it is a newer LX you can’t hammer in the top anymore. The seat tube looks like it goes through the crown, and has a collar to reinforce the crown joint. If your’s is like the gray/black one then maybe, but if it’s like the red one I think you will probably top out against the frame. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the red one also looks like it might have less clearance at the top to start with.

Yeah, I almost posted about that last night, the new frame has a larger tube at the crown that’s a half inch larger front to back. This allows for the added reinforcement collar to go the entire way through the crown. These cannot be hammered away like the old ones, however the frame has a decent amount of clearance w/ a 2.35 maxx daddy tire, which is quite tall for it’s width. Side to side clearance will be no problem, and I’m fairly sure the height will be ok too.

yea i know but when you dont got the cash you gota make due with what you got.

well i have the grey black one so according to some of u it should fit. does the maxx daddy fit on the 20’’?

I should fit on the rim ok

I think your only trouble might be frame width. You need 2.6 + ish inches unless your wheel is super true and absolutely centered. Should be a useful upgrade, especially if you are light bodily as well as in the wallet.

thanks every1 for all the input i just got it, it so sweet, and it fits with enough room to ride, hop, ect.:smiley: