HELP!! what to do next!!

hello i dont know what to do now?? i dont know what new tricks to do!! whats next??!!…_itemId=173738 this is my last movie… and that is like my skill level what tricks do u think i could learn… right now i am going over my tricks and just getting style but it would be cool to be working on some new tricks… but working on my style is a lot of FUNNN… mmm i LOVE UNI!!!


id say you should go to this site and check out the different trick videos on there…then you can let your imagination soar and even make up your own tricks.

just put lots of combos togther thats wut im going to try for my next video

NIce dude… i was also just watching some uni movies… I KNOW TONES TO DO!!

It’s not always all about the tricks… learn how to go big as well… learn how to gap big stair cases… handrails… once u get that down 180 some stairs… 360 them… and also just watch this : there is enough in there for you to be working on new tricks for what 2 years ?

Honestly, just keep doing whatever you enjoy.

If you want a real answer, maybe you could lay off the tricks a bit, and go for some distance riding, or get into some more muni. Just to spice things up a bit.