Help Wanted!

Hey, i’ve been uniing for like, three monthes, but im still having a lot of trouble free-mounting. a) is this usual? b)does anyone have any advice?

p.s. also i would like to learn to static hop so advice for that would be helpful.

Use the search. I already helped you with freemounting earlier, and you get one tip per day. Search the RSU forum, search in the thread titles for ‘freemount help’, and then do another search for ‘static hop help’ (same search parameters)

when i started unicycling abought three months ago i forced my self to free mount i finally got it, just don’t get discouraged and keep working at it! good luck!

You want to pedal the wheel to go a 1/4(90 degree) turn backwards, while it does that put the other foot on, well, the other pedal, and push yourself forward(a.k.a riding) and just keep riding! First few revolutions…Oh, and static mount, although I know you said hop, it doesn’t hurt…as long as you’re wearing your…butt pads…so, anyways, put the dominant foot’s pedal upward all the way, then turn it slighly towards you, put your other foot while the wheel is doing its first 1/4 turn forward, then ride normally. They have a video on .

For rolling freemounting
Just go for it
I learned by walking with the uni in front of me. When the pedal for your dominant side reaches the ground put your foot on it and lean forward. Put your second foot on and start riding. You might want shinguards in case the second pedal comes to fast around but other than that if you over shoot you will just step over the uni. Also just practice while riding somewhere to build confidence.


ya i forced myself to freemount :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Second day I had my uni I started jump mounting. Just watched some vids on youtube and took me half an hour. It’s what I do the most and find the fastest.

jsut go to an open parking lot or something like that. It’s not to un-common to not be able to freemount for a while, but then there’s some people like me who learned on their first week. I jsut went to a parking lot, devoted 4 hours to learning and by the end of the day i couold do it 7/10 times

put the pedal of your dominant foot at 4 or 5 o’ clock.put the saddle in between your legs. Then, push down on your dominant foot and the unicycle will “sweep” you up. stomp your opposite foot on the pedal, lean forward, and just ride away

this page should explain all.

oh hahaha i didnt even realize it was so old

Seriously, just go for it.

I learned on a curb, and then I learned to free mount with my hand holding onto the wheel (it looked very silly :p) and then, one day when I wasn’t even thinking about it I just hopped on. It’s all about saying “Fuck it, I’m gonna freemount!”

I learned to hop up stairs before I leaned free mounting :stuck_out_tongue:
Then I just got fed up with using something to help me up and fourty tries later.
Really, it just takes practice. With everyones advise here, you have the knolege to get up, all it takes is time.