Help Wanted Please

Ok how the hell do i break my Nimbus trials. I spent about two hours today dropping off every single ledge i could find, i even dropped several times off one taller than myself. I tried everything i could thing of whilst riding and the cranks and hub just keep getting benter (benter? well thats what is happening). Any advice, once it is broken it will no longer distract me and i can concentrate on exams, then buy a new one after exams are over.

Go bigger, find higher drops

Your really gonna regret breaking it!
Just leave it unitl your exams are over and practise some self control :slight_smile:

Sledge hammer.

Otherwise… what Joe said. ^.^


yea for real man, thats that dumbest thing ive heard in some time (no offence)

but why waste the money u spent on the nimbus by breaking it! u could just lock it up in a shed or something until afta exams or learn self control as the other guy sed…

all breaking ur uni will achieve is making u spend more for a new uni, and makin u regret breakin ur old uni!

neway thats my 2cents but yea :slight_smile:

mayb reconsider ur decision…

You should sell it, but you’ve probably blown any chance of anyone wanting it now by bending the cranks. I bet theres loads of newish riders that want to get into trials that would love a nimbus.

Plus, you could really hurt yourself. If the cranks bend too much, pretty soon they will probably snap suddenly. They could take a pretty big chunk outta your leg/s!

Rock on!

Yeah, or donate it to a local circus or something.

i see your point there, everybody…
But i am getting the new Kh as a present if i manage to pass grade 12.
The cranks have been pretty much bent since about 2 weeks after i bought it and whilst it is still ridable using it seems way more attractive then homework. There is absolutely no market for unicycle’s here as i have been trying to sell my other unicycle for about a year now, adds in the paper, internet and the like… Although it does worry me about them snappingEddbmxdude… umm has anyone heard that song: torn between to lovers?

From what I’ve been reading lately, lock it up in a shed, and then claim on the insurance after it gets nicked :slight_smile: