Help Wanted - Parade at Laguna Seca Raceway opening ceremony

Some time ago I was approached by a member of a local percussion group (whilst riding my uni on campus) about doing “a performance”. I said I might know some people…

I got a phone call tonight that this group, Suco, just booked a gig at the opening ceremonies of the Audi Sports Car Championships at the Mazda Raceway a.k.a Laguna Seca. IT’S THIS SATURDAY! Link to Laguna Seca web site

He said he had a couple jugglers (more would be cool) and he would like some unicyclists to appear in the parade portion of the opening ceremonies, beginning at 2:00 PM. After a ~45 min parade (the racetrack is just over two miles long) Suco will put on a 20 min stage show. Costumes may be involved. At 4:00 PM the green flag will drop for four hours of GT / LeMans racing!

This event is getting quite a bit of attention. There will be an estimated 40k in attendance and two TV networks covering the action (including NBC).

I’ve never been involved in any such event, and I don’t want to do any bad PR for the unicycling community. Can you post some suggestions? Even better, can you show up Saturday and put in some time for a good cause? Who knows, it might even be fun!

Send whee-mail to jheimann [at] ucsc [dot] edu. If you’ve got my number, give me a call. Let’s rally!

Edit: Times and locations are approximate, I am awaiting confirmation. I’ll post more info as it becomes available.

Update - Riders will be given free tickets to the race. If required we can also be reimbursed for gas / food. We’re planning to meet before the race and perhaps carpool - the group would like to assemble by 1:00 PM at the track.

i so wish i could be there, touring cars and unicycles and girls. it doesnt get any better than that. wow, you are really lucky

Free tickets? I’d go if we could get more riders in. It would be even better if there were some nice trials lines we could ride before after or during our “performance”. Oh yeah, and costumes are not an option.


mostly just a bump
i hope it works out well
pics please

After much debate, I decided against doing the parade. I don’t know if this is the media exposure that I’d like to give unicycling. I think a good portion of “us riders” are trying to take the circus out of the unicycle, and this might not help that cause all that much.

I talked with the group about future shows, and said if there were a venue where we could do some more “extreme” displays (no costumes, no parades, perhaps some obstacles) that we might be more motivated to perform. They’re still interested…

I swear, if one more person whistles some calliope music or asks me where I left my clown shoes I’m gonna beat them over the head with my MUni!

That’s too bad. I would have liked to see the race. Though I’m with you about the clown/parade thing. It would have been loads more appealing if we could have demonstrated trials or something more of that nature.


You can’t take the circus out of peoples’ heads. It was put in there when they were kids and it won’t go away. All you can do is show them unicycling in a positive light (which is not necessarily un-circus). If you want your audience to see trials and sport/recreation riding, show them that. But because you’re in a “show” environment, there are limitations. It has to fit the parade format, and has to be visible to an audience that will be mostly pretty distant. Without bringing your own props, doing trials or muni in a parade is pretty hard. A gang of Cokers, on the other hand, can make quite an impression. The last time I was there, that’s what we had.

Laguna Seca is about 4 hours for me, so it’s a bit far.

Bring the video camera. People will not be “cured” any time soon, but we’re making progress!