help w/ riding down a quarter pipe

hey how do i ride down a qtr pipe?

im guessing its just like riding down a steep hill?

start with a small curved ramp. 2-3 feet high
then find a qp with no vert and try to jump and land on the last foot or so of slope. Be prepared to pedal as soon as you hit the ramp. Then work your way to landing closer to the top of the qp

alright. i already went down a tiny qtr pipe. and i did it pretty good. but what do you mean a qtr pipe with no vert? you mean like a slope?

A quarter with no vert is usually a smaller ramp where there ain’t any vert, a vert ramp is much bigger than a quarter or a mini ramp and has vert whence the two diff ramp types, vert ramps and mini ramps.
Start off small same as anything else, try a 3ft ramp then 4 ft and work your way up. The main difference that you’ll find is that you need to pedal faster on bigger ramps if done right its usually pretty smooth and not too hard really.
try not to look at the floor either but more at where you want to land that way it doesn’t look as high either.

ha, I started off on a 5 ft ramp.

its not that hard. just hop down and pedal.

quarterpipes are realy easy i nailed a 6ft quarterpipe first time just cycle up 2 it hop off the edge when the wheel touches drop your weight onto the seat and roll out