HELP w/ KH/onza hub assembly PLEASE

Hi, I’m up in tahoe on my friend’s account.

To the point:
I took my KH/Onza ('05) cranks off and cannot get them back on
I screw the entire crank around a couple of times to get the bolt in, but i feel the splines starting to interact, and i don’t want to screw them up.
I tried to then screw the #8 allen bolt in, but it had a lot of resistance and i don’t want to ruin my splines
how do I get the cranks back on?

should i take the little dust cap out so that they’re not in self-extracting mode?


Im having a similar problem that now i cant get them off. I was in the middle of switching from 127s to 150s and they all got suck. So now i have an essentric muni with different sized cranks. Oh ya, i got desperate so i took out the self extacting crank thing and used a crank puller, so now i have a crank puller stuck in the side of my crank… I need to get better tools.

how do you put it on spence?

how do you get the extractor piece out?

(it’s ColDawG by the way)

well, as for putting mine on, I just make sure the splines arein the right place by sort of pushing it on without the allen key, then I just screw the allen bolt on… worked like a charm for me, I’m not really sure what your problem is.

mine’s on, i called Darren

thanks all

Up in Tahoe eh? I live 45minutes from the Sand Harbor area and was planning on going for some uniswimmin on Sunday, wanna join me?