Help upgrading uni

i want to up grade from my old 20in torker cx. i bought a 24in dx but i kinda want my 20 to be nicer for some “in town stuff” if you know what i mean.

on my cx i already baught a dx seat, and some ok metal pedals, but i want to get a new frame and tire but i dont know the order that i should buy them in(i cant buy them all at the same time becasue i have very little income.

in the end i want it to be able to take drops that are at least 5ft and decently light so could somone help me??

you are not going to have any original parts left on your uni by the time it is ready for 5’ drops. save your money till you have enough for something like a Nimbus trials.

Definately save up and get a trials cycle.

what would be the best trails uni for the price range one $150-250
or is that just not enugh.

and back when my brother was 80lbs he took the cx off of a 4ft drop and didnt break any parts and that was like 6 years ago and i still have the same rim! i weigh like 115 and it can still take at least 3ft drops.

The best option would be this one:

If possible, select KH ISIS cranks (out of stock now, probably they will receive more soon).

With KH cranks, you’ll have a great uni for a fair price!

This is a bit out of your $ range

However, if you add the cost of the moment crank upgrade, and a KH seat, plus UDC’s higher shipping cost, the price is the same.

Although these are 07 models, they are lighter and better then the Nimbus.

How did you find that?

Feel the Light,

You have made some very nice finds and usually post very practical information. I see you as a very positive contributor to
How did you find that KH in Bike Island? They don’t have KH listed as a brand and they don’t have a search option! How did you come accross that?


Someone else posted it a few months back

Sorry, I forgot who… The unis are under accessories-accessory kits. They ship cheap to.:slight_smile:

IMHO, it doesn’t make any sense to buy anything else, while this deal lasts. The Nimbus is OK, but a lb or so heavier and no stronger, Quacks and Torkers heavier still, and Koxx 1 is about as good but has a unique ISIS spline and is a big pile of cash more.

ya the Kh wold be a little expensive but the nimbus is just a lttle high but it looks worth it
and whould any of you sugest the torker dx or is that just nat as goo d for trails as the nimbus(for price)
and dose nimbus sell bikes becasue if they do my local bick store my be able to order one for me.

Feel the Light found a good deal… I would go with the KH…

The Torker is crap compared to the Nimbus. To heavy, is not ISIS Splined, the seat uses Miyata pattern I think…

Nimbus is a trademark. They only sell unicycles I think, but you can ask your bike shop to buy from UDC, but It would be more expensive.

If you can’t take the KH 07 is this special condition that feel the light found, got with the Numbus… But the KH worth the price!