(Help) Unicycle has a moving frame

Hi guys,

Was gifted an unicycle recently looks like an ordinary unicycle however went i started playing with it i was surprised to find that the frame of the unicycle is moving as in if i hold just the wheels and no place else the frame falls to the floor with the seat. I am new to uni cycling and always thought the frame is suppose to stay in one place.

Is this a new kind of design? Anyway i can make the frame rigid as i find the moving frame makes it harder for me to learn how to ride.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I have to tell you that this is just what a unicycle is all about and what makes it so hard to learn:
You need to balance right-left AND back-forth.

Usually the right-left thing isn’t much of a problem as it’s just the same a bicycle can fall to the right/left.
As for the back and forth thing you can imagine that it’s similar to a baby learning to stand and walk: In the beginning it falls after one, two, three steps as its muscles didn’t figure out how to keep balanced on all sides yet, but suddenly it just gets it and ‘runs away’.
With the uni it’s the same: You try it out in the beginning it’s helpful to have a friend, a wall, a fence or something similar to hold on to get the feeling of how it feels to sit and ride. Then you start to take your first ‘steps’ without holding on and you will see in the beginning you fall of or need to grab the fence after just a couple of inches. With enough practice you suddenly get a meter and then it’s 10 meters and suddenly it’s so easy to ride that you don’t remember how hard it was in the beginning. :slight_smile:

Long message short: Get out and practice and you’ll get it! :wink:

@ Ravens101213… I reckon that the bottom bearing clamps are missing:(. You can purchase bearing clamps from unicycle.com :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

That sounds normal, if I just hold my wheel the frame will definitely fall forwards or backwards as it spins around the wheel. That’s kind of the point right?

Are you sure you’re holding all of the wheels? You should count them several times to be sure.

Is this a serious post? At first I thought it was a joke but now I’m wondering… :astonished:

I’d have a hard time pedaling if the frame was “rigid” :smiley:

Sympathy and a possible solution…

Umm, this sounds like a serious problem. It must be very frustrating -

I actually have a similar problem with my b*ke - if I wheel it into a flat open space and simply let go, it will always fall sideways - i.e either to the left or right from the direction of travel… Perhaps I should buy a stand or something.

Does your unicycle roll down a hill with the frame staying upright (and of course without you on top of it)?

See below a possible solution, but I wouldn’t try to learn to ride it when in use…

Stay in one place how? Magically hover in a vertical position? That’s your job as the rider. That’s what a big chunk of the learning process is all about. You become the part of the machine that does that. It becomes almost automatic, but you have to work to get there, just like everybody else.

Unless the frame actually drops to the floor and stays behind as you walk around with the wheelset; in which case, unibokk already mentioned that your bearing caps are missing or you’ve got lollipops and you’re missing some hardware.

Guys this is not a joke i am serious why all the assumptions and sarcastically comments?

if i place my unicycle on a stand the frame (that which connects the wheel and the seat) falls on the floor while it will usually stands upright for other unicycles.

Thanks unibokk for letting me know on the bottom bearing clamps will go check it out!

Hi Ravens101213 :slight_smile:

I have this problem all the time with my trials unicycle. It never wants to stand up. So I lean it as far over into the stand as possible and jam it with the pedal.
Is the stand the correct height?

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Ah, but if we’re not talking about unicycle stands, I just park it upside down on it’s seat.

Don’t feed the troll.

Just after I started riding I met a teenage guy who said he had been given a unicycle for Christmas but it didn’t work properly because he had put it together wrong and couldn’t work out how to fix it.

He described exactly the same problem of the seat falling down.

He was dead serious and had expected the frame to automatically stay upright while he rode it.

A unicycle should fall down when held by the wheel. Any unicycle where the frame did say upright would have a problem with tight or corroded bearings.

Sorry! this is my first unicycle and all the youtube videos i have seen so far has never given the impression that the frame needs to be keep upright by your own weight.

From what i hear here i guess it suppose to be fall after all…:frowning:

There’s actually a trick called drag seat where you let the seat fall to the ground. It wouldn’t be possible if the frame woud magically be kept vertical. :wink:


Yes it looks magical when you realise the seat doesn’t stay there by itself. It feels magical when you actually achieve it too.

It is one of the things that make unicycling so compelling.

Thanks guys!