HELP! Unicycle dealers that can bring pre-purchased parts to RTL

I am in need of some 114mm Qu-ax alu cranks and a Magura HS33 for my N36. Is there a team or individual unicycle dealer coming to RTL that can bring these with them if pre-purchased online to save on shipping and time (since I don’t have enough time to ship). I would be happy to pay handling charges as well.

Perhaps the team? Are you guys simply sponsored by UDC or does one of you work there?

Thanks in advance

Jamey Mossengren (uniproshop) is going, I’m sure he could hook you up with those things.

Thanks Miles! Much appreciated. I’ll look into it.

I don’t know if you’ve done it already, but Darren Bedford will be there too… +1.416.729.9696

Yeah, he already checked with Darren. Levi and I went riding today and said Darren didn’t have any.

If Jamey can’t help out the NZ branch of might be able to come to the rescue. We have two staff going to Ride the Lobster and I’m pretty sure we’ve got both of those items in stock. Emails us on info at

Thanks all! Yeah, thanks, I checked with Darren. No luck the unfortunately. Looks like I may be in luck though. I will wait for a reply from Jamey and if he can’t do it, I would be eternally grateful to the NZ UDC guys if they could bring me the parts. I’ll contact you (NZ guys) if I do in fact need this.

PS. good ride yesterday James. I don’t have poison ivy… phewf.

Don’t forget there’s also a (USA) team. It might be a bit less hassle for them to bring stuff? Not sure if they’re flying or driving… 1-800-UNICYCLE.

I hope any vendors who will be present will think to have plenty of tubes, tires, replacement hubs & spokes, etc.!

Hey there, I can’t exactly help you with a Magura HS33, but I’ve got a pair of aluminum 114s kicking around. I can bring them if you’d like; I’ll sell them to you there for what it’d cost me to get more (UDC price without shipping) or you can just borrow them and return them after the race. I also have materials for a caliper brake setup on a Nimbus 36 frame, and can just give those to you if you’d like. It involves drilling a small (around 8mm diameter) hole right under where the two rear bars come into the seat tube, and didn’t affect my frame’s sturdiness in any way. But anyway, they’re no HS33s, but they’re free and will give you all the stopping power you need on a uni, especially if you’re new to braking really hard on a 36" wheel to stop. If you’re just dragging down a hill, the caliper is TOTALLY plenty.

Lemme know!

Wow thanks Chuck! That would be a great help. I’m not sure about the brake set-up yet, but would be definitely interested in the cranks if you don’t mind selling them. If the NZ UDC can’t bring the Magura, I may be interested, it’s just a matter of if I can find someone to drill a hole for me before the end of the week.

Very much appreciated. I will PM you later this week.

Happy training.

Well, I can’t exactly lug a huge electric drill up there, but if someone has a drill and some bits (I like to go 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 in that order to grow the hole) I’ll totally do it for you in Nova Scotia. The cranks, though, no problem. I just need to put them somewhere where I’ll remember that they exist so I bring them!

Grow the hole? Why not add fertilizer and water it?

Seriously, why do you need three bits to drill one hole? Corbin and I used one bit and drilled the hole in one operation to mount our calipers. No center punch, no centering bit, nothing fancy needed.

Most calipers are self-centering, so that if you mount it off by some fraction of an inch, they’ll still work just fine. This is by no means a precision operation.

Yeah, of course I wouldn’t expect you to. I will see what I can do here. Also, what day are you leaving? I will remind you to pack them (the cranks ) :).

Thanks again. Still waiting to hear back from UDC NZ.