Help! Uni pulls right.

I posted something like this a while back, and it appeared that I just needed a lot of practice. After a lot of practice, and building a 29’er i am finding that in order to make the uni go straight I have to twilst my body to the left. I am riding 4 miles to work everyday, and I would like to know if there is something that I can do to square up my body to the uni.

the wheel is dished center on the hub, and it sits dead center in the frame. could the seat base be tilted? Any ideas?


I had something like this on my 24 with a knobbly tyre. The tyre had a turning direction you are meant to use and I had the tyre going in the wrong direction. When I turned the tyre the right way round all was well and I was riding straight on. It might all be psychological tho - I had only been riding a couple of months.

It may have to do with the camber of the road. Do you find the problem is less when you ride on a flat road or trail? Is it much more severe on a road that is more rounded in the middle?

My wife has the same problem. She thinks it stems from her high-jumping days. One leg is much more powerful than the other. She thinks she muscles more with one foot than the other.

Of course, the best riders put almost no weight on their pedals. It’s always good to try to get that weight back onto your seat.


Thanks for the suggestion. I just looked and the big apple has a direction, and it is on backwards. I will switch it this afternoon and see if it helps.

Beware you don’t lean to the left, then…:o