Help thread, Ripping apart a luxury seat.

Hi everyone, I want to put a carbon base in my luxury seat, and does anyone have any ideas as to how I can take off the cover without destroying it?

I want to make the cover fusion too, so if anyone has any ideas as to how I can do that, yeah that would be nice.


I have no experience with KOXX seats but I have taken apart every seat I have owned.

I am going to assume it is basicaly the same as the old KH seats with stapled on cover.

Remove handle and bumper, Use 10mm wrench. Use a good pointy stiff and skinny tool (knife) to carefully pry out all the stapes being careful not to cut the cover. Peel the cover off. now you have just the foam on the base.

The foam is stuck to the saddle so you have to be careful not to wreck it when taking it off. Start by peeling back all the edges all the way around the seat then slowly work your way back from the front pushing the foam from underneath away from the base instead of pulling, this should help you avoid ripping it. Don’t rush taking the foam off as that is the easiest part to reck.

To get the cover back on I positioned it on the seat and put the handle on. I then punched a bunch of holes down the length of the cover about 8-10mm from the edge. You need to put the seat post on at this point. Using a string or shoelace lace your cover as you would a shoe and make it moderately tight. the fake leather stuff stretches and tears easier than the tougher materials in the saddles so be careful not to make it to tight. Tie the strings together however you like and put the rear bumper on. You can put the ends of the string under the bumper if you want it to be neater or you can leave them out if you want to be able to unlace it without taking the bumper off.

I am sure there are other ways of doing it but that is what worked for me.

Good luck and congratulations on getting the CF base

EDIT: I forgot, If you think you will be taking the cover off and on regularly you can sew tubes of cloth to the edges of the seat just like the KH covers. Only thing is you won’t have the elasticy front and back

2nd EDIT:

I actually prefer a knife, the end is sharper and takes less force to slip under the staple. Less force = less chance of messing up and slipping.

Flat head screw driver. Just go slow and carefully pry out the staples.
You might want to try some steam… while taking the cover off the foam.

awesome! thanks guys!

what should I use to punch the holes with?

Anything that will go through the material but won’t cut, a stiff piece of wire or a small nail would work.

If you are using a string instead of a shoelace melt the ends and form them into points to help get them through the holes.

okay awesome, thanks so much.

no problem

the making holes thing - several people at our hockey club have done this and they put click on eyelets in there, you can get them from sewing shops for next to nothing. Stops the material tearing if you tighten it too hard.


awesome thank you.

does anyone have a picture of a pattern of how I should put the holes and lace it? like where the holes should be placed.

I punched the holes after I had the front handle on and just did them opposite to each other, just like a shoe.

Eyelets sound like a great Idea, I might put some in next time I take a seat apart.

so I got the seat off the base and the only casualty was one little chunk of foam that was being stubborn. Now to wait for my carbon base!

I’ll post pictures once it’s all built up.