Help the noob pick a uni - if you want

I’m sure the answer has been posted before, but after 10 mintues of searching the web, I gave up, and now I’m posting this.

I’ve never been on a uni before. I juggle, and I intend to street perform, hopefully juggling on a uni. The unicycle I was looking at is the 24 inch Unistar CX. I’m looking for a unicycle to learn on, mostly for juggling, but possible also for riding around town. Should I go with 20" or 24"? And if you want to be more specific, I’m looking for something in the $100-150 range.


If you’re simply trying to decide between a 20" and 24", we’ll need to know how tall you are and how long your inseam is.

Just the fact that you are a street performer I would suggest getting a 20" I actually really wouldn’t recommend getting a 24 as unless you are buying a muni I really cant see any advantage to having one.

Plus 20" uni’s make it easier to learn street friendly tricks.

I would suggest any one of these

As they aren’t too pricey and if you get one of those I doubt you will ever need to get a different one (at least for what you are talking about doing)

Also many people will say you should have a 24" because its better for going around town but it really depends on your pedaling style. If you are used to pedaling faster with less resistance it shouldn’t be a problem. I personally got used to pedaling a 20" BMX to school everyday so I now ride my 20" just as fast if not faster than my friends with 24s

Whatever size wheel you go with, I have to urge you to get an LX. They’re basically the ‘step up’ from the CX, and if I recall, not too much more expensive. They are many times sturdier, and the extra cash outlay is very much worth it, it’s a much more solid uni.

Good luck! You’ll have to get really good at idling before you can juggle on the uni.

I am 6’1", and my inseam is 32".

I read a little more, and it sounds like a 24" is what I want, unless there is any significant disadvantage for performing/juggling. is one easier to idle on than another?


Ease of idling is not significantly different (maybe when learning but not later). The drawback of the 24" will be in street shows, where it requires about 50% more space to do the equivalent stuff done on a 20". It simply takes up more room to do the same number of pedal turns. I know this from my years of doing Freestyle performances on small elementary school stages.

If you mostly intend to juggle while idling, you definitely want a giraffe. If that’s the case, start with the 24" now, and save up for the giraffe later. The 24" will be much better for going anywhere.

For street shows, a giraffe uni is like fire; a great attention magnet. It’s well worth the extra cost, and extra practice needed to learn to mount it (riding it’s just as easy).

Re: Help the noob pick a uni - if you want

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 21:31:05 -0600, OnlyTheTim wrote:

>I read a little more, and it sounds like a 24" is what I want, unless
>there is any significant disadvantage for performing/juggling. is one
>easier to idle on than another?

In the end you decide yourself of course. But I agree with wat ntappin
said. A 20" is somewhat easier to idle. A 20" also needs less space
for performing. The main advantage of a 24" over a 20" is that it is
somewhat faster, and hence more of a ‘general purpose’ uni.

In my book, your length and inseam don’t matter, assuming your seat
would be high enough (buy a long seatpost). It would only matter for
children: generally, for children under about 10 - 12 years of age a
24" is a bit large.

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