Help! Taco'd rim!

It seems that I’ve bent the rim on my uni, it’s about 1 inch off straight and I’m not sure what to do.
It all started when I left my Uni at a bike rack, and came back to find some two-wheeled nazi-bully-boy had knocked it out the way so he could lock his bike up, bending it a little. Grrrrr. I fixed it with a spoke key about a week back, but it bent really badly today on quite a small jump. Do you think that the first knock weakened it, and should I get a new rim etc to stop it happening again, or will it be alright if I just fix it up with the bits I have. Not sure how this is done, presumably with brute force to get it mostly back in shape then a spoke key?

Any help would be much appreciated

The wheel sounds like its out of true. You can go to a bike shop and they can true it for pretty cheap(should be anyways.) It probably won’t ever be to its full strength but I don’t know.


What kind of uni do you have?
I have the same problem with mij cheap uni (60$)

it’s a nimbus 24", should be quite strong but I think the first time it got hit weakened it. I’m gonna get a bike shop to fix it for now and hope it lasts till christmas.
If it’s not too bad you can fix it with a spoke key, but that obviously didn’t work for too long for me!
There’s a wheelbuilding tutorial thingy here by the way:

If it’s an inch out of true, the rim itself is probably bent. I wouldn’t exactly call it a taco, unless the entire wheel is bent as opposed to just one section.

If you want to check it out, you can remove all the tension in all the spokes, and see how out of shape the rim is. You can put the untensioned rim in a vise and try to bang it into shape, and then rebuilt the wheel; it won’t be as strong as a new rim, but it will at least be straight. Or, if you can get it straight enough to ride just by spoke tension, you could keep riding it as much as you can until it gives out.

I don’t try to fix it because I just orderd the Kris Holm 24" Freeride 2005:D