help:sliding foot

When ever I pull up really hard on my seat to get good hight, I always loose my footing and a foot slides off a pedal. Could this be solved as simply as a new pair of pedals? do you have any tips.

(1) Pedals have differing grip strength; you could try other people’s pedals and see which you prefer.

(2) Your own pedals’ pins may have become rounded with time; you can take a flat metal file to them and get back a lot of grip, or you can purchase a set of new pins if they are replaceable.

(3) Try concentrating on your foot pressure and try to keep your feet balanced as you hop so that one foot isn’t totally without pedal pressure.

(4) Replace your footwear; perhaps the tread is completely gone on that foot in the area that counts.

It’s probably more likely that you’re just not pulling up and pushing down hard enough.

You wouldn’t have to worry about that if you had the pedals that come with the Torker DX. They have little metal studs in them so that your feet are glued to the pedals.

I have snafus but there pretty worn down