>>HELP!! sizing questions

ok i wanna buy a uni that has 71mm center-flange to center flange distance and a flange diameter of 66mm. Will i be able to switch out the hub with a hub that is 75mm center-flange to center-flange and a flange diameter of 65.5mm???
(without getting new spokes)


Most likely it will work, if the spokes are sticking out of the nipples then you might want to grind them down.

dude, omg… 1/2mm is absolutely nothing
of course

its probably the same hub

EDIT:sorry if that seems rude

but the flange spacing makes a difference as well. will i run out of threading on the spokes?

i doubt it… if not … what size rim are you lacing?
as long as its not a wacko size (or 19") you shouldn’t have a problem going to your LBS and getting some new spokes

a trials rim, i would probably get spokes online. they arent real cheap at the LBS. im a sucker for good deals

5mm to the side … .5 mm shorter

make a trianglefrom the center of the hub to the axle area… then to the rim, don’t worry about the flange distance, it is probably exactly the same and figure out the difference in hypotenuses
theres if its smaller than .15 or so inches you should be fine

wow cool i love math and science that was the perfect answer

nice sarcasm
i dont’ want to do it

im not doing it for you
im being lazy ok!