[Help] Should I buy this Koxx-One Trials Unicycle?

I apologize if this thread isn’t in the right place. Anyways, I’ve been considering buying the Nimbus Trials unicycle since my beginner Torker is clearly not meant for the street cycling I’ve been doing. Having done some research, I came across this Koxx-One White Russian 20" from ebay. I’m eager to know if this would be a wise choice to buy for trials, or should I go with the Nimbus Trials? I’ve little experience with trials unicycles, as I’ve never had one. However, I’m at an intermediate level where I’m extremely limited to what my 'ol Torker can handle. Here is the link to the ebay site so that you can compare it:


I greatly appreciate help in my decision. Ledges, stairs and blacktops are taunting me at this point!

I can’t really help you pick the right trials uni.

But if you do go with the White Russian, you could get it from meijer.com

It’s $167 - 10% (code: SPRING)
shipping for me shows $12

That’s like $162 instead of the $248 on ebay.
Maybe that price makes it the right trials uni! :slight_smile:

Oh nice, Meijer started their uni deals back up. Those ebay ones are from Makais.com, I ordered my black domina from Meijer.com and it’s great, and I got it pretty quick. K1 riders have told me that the alienbackflip/greenspirit/blackdomina frames are the stronger ones, so for trials it would be good. THe greens spirit and black domina come with awesome pin pedals, super grippy, and you can remove them as well. It’s an awesome deal at meijer, and search google for “meijer.com coupon codes” to enter during checkout. You can often find ones to reduce shipping or a percentage of your price.

I upgraded from my torker Lx to a K1 black domina, and that torker is now collecting dust in the far back of the garage. No regrets.

Fantastic! I owe you an iPod or something. Before I commit to the White Russian, would a Green Spirit be a better Trials unicycle (the same weight, right)? Since it’s cheaper, I could afford a slightly higher price to get that better quality. Thanks a ton!


I think the green spirit/ black domina/ alienbackflip frames are heavier than the devil frames. I have a black domina, and then I have a track monster 24. The frame on the track monster looks just like the devil frame, and it feels very thin, very lightweight, it doesn’t seem like it will last very long. If you’re not worried about buying another frame later, then maybe get one with a devil frame (if they’re lighter) but I think the black domina frame will last longer. and take more abuse.

I just bought a Black Domina II a few weeks ago and it seems plenty strong. I’m 6’-4" and 214 lbs. If it holds me, it’ll hold anyone.