HELP! seat creak.

Hey all,

So recently I cut down my KH style velo seat foam. I really like it for SIF stuff BUT! Ive noticed that whenever I pull up on my seat handle, it makes this little creaking sound and it flexes a little more that it used to. At first I thought I needed to just tighten the nuts on the seat but that did nothing. It still creaks. Any suggestions?

I think its because after cutting down the foam, it created a space between your handle and the seatbase. Before you cut down the foam, this space was filled up and the handle wouldnt flex as much.

I am sure you can fill up the space somehow, maybe by taking an old tube and cut sections out to fill in the gap. That may work.

Im not to sure on exactly what happened to your seat, so maybe some pictures could help. =p

Its not really the flex that bothers me, its more the creaking. I highly doubt its the gap between the foam and the handle.

Does it creak only when you pull on the handle or if you pull directly on the seatbase from the front does it creak aswell?

due to this piece of undisputable evidence I think jerrick might be right.

My seat does this as well (a nimbus gel) but I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly what exacerbates the creaking, though it seems to happen when I’m torquing the pedals and thus putting a lot of twist on the seat.

I’ve been meaning to tighten the bolts that attach to the seatpost, though I think they’re already fairly tight. I’ll see if this helps. Might it have something to do with the fact that there are washers between the nut and seatpost flange rather than the nut directly on the seatpost flange?

Another idea is maybe the seatbase stiffener under the foam but above the plastic seatbase is loose or creaky or something, but I’ve not idea as to how to fix that.

Im pretty sure that its because the seat stiffiner has broken. My old KH seat does this and it creaks a lot in the base it means that you have broken it. Its still ridable and everything it just might break if you do anything to extreme. I may be wrong but something like this has happened to my seat and i am guessing that that is the problem.

If the stiffener plate is broken it will do alot more than just creak. If you can actualy bend your seat (easily with less force than a hop) and you can see a noticable crease where your seat is bending, that is where its broken. Infact even if it is broken it may not creak at all.

My guess is the stiffener plate is just a bit loose.

I would just take the seat off, and re-tighten ever nut in the whole seat, then see if it gets rid of the squeak.

My seat creeked when the stiffner broke.

Yeah, my seat stiffener isnt broken. I know that for a fact. I figure when im doing my crank rotation/cleaning/greasing ill just add that to my list and take off the seat cover and tighten everything. O yeah, to answer your question ntappin, it only creaks when I pull on the handle. Does that mean anything?

I had this problem a while ago as well. I go with the crowd and say that it’s probably your stiffener plate. I absolutely mutilated mine a while ago it had snapped completely in half and bent quite a bit.

It was flexier than a peice of cheese and creaked like a… some sort of creaking device or a seat with a broken stiffener plate.

You should take apart the seat again and check if the plate is broken. You could just leave it broken and take out the plate or if you feel that you ride it pretty hard and it flexes too much, if you’re upto it, just cut out a peice of some sort of metal, in that same shape and go from there.


EDIT: Never mind.

Never mind :thinking: Whatever. If it is broken, would i have to buy a whole seat, or can I buy a stiffener palte seperte?

Sorry to BUMP so soon.

I think it would be more worth going to CF.


The fact that the squeaking occurs when the handle is pulled makes the stiffener plate highly suspect… it is, after all, directly bolted to the handle.

Some seats have plastic ribs that run the length of the seat to act as further reinforcement. Should the stiffener plate break in one of these seats, it’ll take a while for the seat to start flexing significantly, since the plastic ribs have to fail / weaken before the flex is allowed.

The loudest squeaking I’ve heard is produced from strained metal-metal contact. Since the nuts are metal and the seat is plastic this wouldn’t produce much squeaking… try loosening the nuts on your seat and find out if it makes noises, if at all. The carriage bolts that go through the stiffener plate are held in place by tape, glue and/or foam, so they wouldn’t move around enough to make much of a squeak.

Do you really? Unless you’ve inspected the stiffener directly (i.e. taken the seat apart) it’s not a fact.

edit: you can get a GB4 reinforcement plate for miyata saddles from UDC, i believe. the KH/velo reinforcement plate isn’t available individually… but a new seat isn’t all that much money. if the stiffener’s broken the plastic in the seatbase is likely fatigued and you should replace the whole thing anyways.

why not go CF and do away with all your troubles?

I wouldn’t worry about it. Just live with the creaking and moving and get used to it. Its probably not worth getting a whole new seat base. If it breaks completely, then get a new one, but wiggling isn’t a big deal.

Thanks for all your help guys! My seatbase doesnt have ribs under it. Im really thinking its the top of the bolts against the stiffener. This weekend I will take off the seat cover(man i really need a fusion cover so i dont have to keep taking out these staples!) and put it back together. Ill correct myself, i am 99% sure that my stiffener isnt broken. I just cut the foam 6 days ago and I looked at it. Anyway, since my seat isnt a Miyata I wont be able to use that stiffener plate from UDC. Now, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE togo CF, but I cant for these reasons:

a. My parents make me buy everything myself exept for clothes, food, etc. I am still paying off my DX and im 12 so my only job is petsitting which rakes in $20 maximum per week.

b. I would just get a $70 CF base from UDC, but Im not very good with drilling and stuff like that. Also, I dont have access to squar file and other tools neccesary for drilling a seatbase.

c. I dont have $170 for a pre-drilled S Wallis base, plus a thomson because a primo rod post only comes in 22.2.

Haha so Ill just live with it and if it self-destructs then ill just have to buy the new KH street!

Alright! Today cuz I had some spare time I decided to disect my seat to figure out the problem. I removed the cover and foam, and found out that nothing was broken. The stiffener plate had moved to one side slightly and was rubing with the bolts when pressure was aplied. So I removed the plate and switched around the nuts and bolts just for good measure. Replaced foam, cover and bumper+handle. No more squeak! Feels pretty stiff too. One thing I have learned about unicycles: things can easily be fixed with some effort. Just have to rotate and regrease cranks tomorrow…then I get to ride!!! I havnt been able to since last saturday because of rain on Sunday and school stuff throughout the week:(