Help: Sears 16in Puncture proof Unicycle

Can anyone tell me the value of this thing? :roll_eyes:

I got it from a friend who wants to ebay it.

I have no idea of the value.

Thanks everyone!

317 496-4621


Very little, just put it up and get what you can.

Worth nothing unless you find someone who collects vintage unicycles-
Good luck!

I paid $20 for one of those that wasn’t in nearly such good condition as the one pictured. I made my baby steps of unicyling on mine, but the spokes started breaking before I could ride any considerable distance.

The solid tyre makes it difficult to ride, and the Troxel seat is uncomfortable to say the least. The seat can only take so many hits on the ground before it start breaking. I wouldn’t discount the whole uni, but I also wouldn’t pay too much for one.

I wouldn’t expect much for it, the wheel or rim appears to be damaged to start with. It doesn’t look amazingly comfortable or strong either, even compared to most ebay unicycles.

Thanks to all!

I once was lost, now I am found:p

I will see what I get… :roll_eyes: