Help Riding backwards.

SO I’m trying to learn how to ride backwards, but I can only seem to go back one pedal stroke before I fall forwards. I was wondering what the best method for teaching yourself is.

Any advice helps!

don’t look behind you and be in a very large parking lot where your not going t hit anything

oh, yeah, I forgot to ask if its best to look backwards while riding, or just wing it and hope you don’t run into anything. It seems to me like looking backwards wll rotate your hips, and thus you will turn.

Try riding back one pedal stroke and then continue ridding forwards and try to add more revs in each time.

I’ve actually been teaching a friend of mine how to do this so I’ll explain it the same way.

-Back straight
-Arms out (for balance)
-Little turns

Its just like learning to ride forward again. The 2 biggest things are keeping your back straight and the little turns. Whenever you feel yourself falling off just turn the opposite direction and keep pedaling (just like you do when you ride forward). Keeping your back straight is also essential for keeping your balance, and having your arms out just helps out with that aswell.

Hope this helps

Same boat riding backwards

I have been practicing my idling skills on my 29"

At the same time I’m working at riding backwards.

Combining the two skill together are helping me.

What I’m doing is idling with dominant foot down for 4 - 5 strokes, then I go to my left foot down for 1 - 2 stokes.

So I go forward, stop, idle 4, backwards one, idle 2 other foot, backwards 2 - 4 pedals.

Sometimes I mix it up, go forward, stop idle forward 1 rev to dominant foot, backwards to other foot. Some times I’ll even do a supper idle.

Now I can pedal backwards 5 revolutions, but its a start.

Yeah, I’m learning to idle at the same time too.

I was also wondering whether its easier to learn on a bigger or smaller wheel.
I have a 20" and a 24".

Smaller wheels are easier to idle.

I know… why don’t you try riding a two wheel giraffe? That way, you can pedal forwards and go backwards! The best of both worlds eh?! (I wish lol…)

Learn to idle on 20" first

If you have a 20", start idle/backward riding there first.

It helps to boast your confidence.

Its a great place to start.

Just three words of wisdom for you…

Practice, Practice, Practice.

My new record is 75 yards

I found a park with a smooth walkway next to a long 4 ft high fence. Using the fence saves time and effort remounting all the time.

The 24 isn’t much harder then the 20 to idle or reverse. It’s big value is it’s pretty easy to land standing up using the smaller wheel, if I trip up while in reverse. I find landing on my back from a smaller hight makes less thud as well. So it’s a good idea to use a small wheel with a low seat.

This MIGHT help you.

I personally as you see in my video, find it pretty difficult to fall forward learning to ride backwards.

Don’t bother wasting time looking backwards, it’ll just make learning harder. Do what I did and practice in an open area.

Raising your seat might help, I’m lazy and didn’t, but it’s worth a shot.