Help riding backwards

do u guys have any tips on riding backwards? im really having trouble doing it.

Practice. They say it’s just as hard to learn to ride backwards as it is to go forward.

my 2.5 cents

Just keep working on it. Eventually something will just click and you’ll be able to do it. Also, if it’s especially hard on one day leave it alone for a while and work on something else. Come back to it and you’ll be much better and happier than when you last tried. Hope that helps.:wink:

when i first tried to rde backwards i never thought i could do it. i just kept working at it. first idle then lean back and focus on going as far as u can. try to do it fairly quick as that helps alot. u cna also idle try to do one revolution backwards the go forwards, then do 2 revolutions backwards and keep doing that until you get good. here are some more tips on how to learn:

hope that helps, keep it wheel.

One tip I got at BUC was to get my husband to hold my hand while I rode backwards and walk along with me. The guy who gave me this tip said that I was afraid of hitting something, which was hampering my progress. Hubby did not need to hold much and we just touched finger tips really. Anyway, we practiced that for a while and after that I was better at riding backwards on my own.


Don’t be afraid of zigzaging as much as you need to at first… it takes some time to reverse your brain to correct your leaning… the straightness will come after.

Also something like Cathy suggested but what I did was ride facing my brother on his uni and held both his hands… at the time he was practicing riding forward and I was practicing riding backward and we kept each other balanced.

practice. i have been practicing a little and yesterday i rode a good ways

im learning too and i found out that it really helps to spread your arms out, palms up, to get into position
then lean back some while doing it and start pedaling backwards

this is a lot easier when you arent holding on to anything, just start with your arms out and freemount
eventually youll find the ideal angle to lean back in and things just click

also when you lean to one side more than the other len in the oposite way to attempt to balance it out

good luck ninjas

Step1: get in
Step2: go backward

need another hint…
pedaling backwards helps

mount and grab hold of your mailbox, then try riding backwards. place a stick where you fall off. repeat, moving the stick to your longest ride.
thats how i learned. also, give it a break for a day after about 3 days or so, you’l find it much easier.

hey al u neada du is lean back and pedal about normal speed and if ur guna fall off try 2 zig zag to avoid it holla

hey al u neada du is learn how to type.

Justin, if you have access to one, a shopping cart is a great tool for riding backwards, because even if you mess up, you can avoid falling, and you’ll be able to practice that much more

im working on going backwards too… i can do like…5 rotations if i just free mount and go backwards… but… i ran into the back of my RV and was like hmm… while i was facing the wallish thing i pushed off backwards and i was able to go like double the length…

its probably not a good thing to use that as a crutch… but it helped me… and now i can go back more just free mounting… it helped me get the hang of the feeling that you might fall backwards and die… haha

Having access to a unicycle with handlebars is good!Attach a mirror.In my case, I was just afraid I’d fall on something.A nice bike mirror would have helped.Oh, if not, get to know you’re surroundings so you’re sure there’s NOTHING on the way.Hope it helps!

I just got riding backwards a few days ago, i had been working on it pretty regularly for a few months, then stopped for three weeks-ish. during that time i’d try it, fall off, and just be like ‘whatever, i’ll try another time’. then a fwe days ago, i tried it and went substantially farther than i had ever gone before, so maybe if you just take a break for a while. you’ll suddenly get it.

my 2 cents

I was working on that some tonight. One thing that I did that I think helped was practicing idleing with my opposite foot down than I am used to. I usually Idle with my left foot down, so i worked on it some with my right foot down. I also worked on mounting with my opposite foot. For me, strengthening and training the weaker leg seems to help some.