help riding backwards!

All you people out there are saying that you can ride for miles backwards. I
can only get a few feet. I would appreciate some tips from you people.

Just keep practicing, and don’t give up. I hated learning backwards so I gave up alot, and I regret it because I can do it now, but not very well. So try not to get too discouraged. You’ll be a master in no time.

You should check out the tips on Andrew Carter’s site:

The way I learned was just to hold onto something, lean back and pedal. Don’t look behind you, hold your arms out for balance, and take it nice and easy. Try to focus on a point on the ground about 10 feet in front of you, and when that gets too far away, pick another point in front of you. Just keep doing it, and you’ll get better!


personally, I found that the better I got at idling, the easier it was to ride backwards. I worked on rolling backwards for a crank or two, the forwards. Them backwards a little further…etc. now I feel pretty comfortable!

Try, Try,Try again… good luck

If you know how to idle, just a few times is enough, you can stay idle, start riding backwards 1 revolution, and go to ideling 1 time, and then go backwards again, that’s how i learned it, but i’m not a master yet, or… not in the snow and ice outside that is :smiley:

I have to thread-jack this.

How can i learn to turn while riding backwards? It seems i allways end up facing forward or it is some rodeo riding involved.

…Andrew Carter’s and Peter van Boekhout’s site.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


personally, I found that the better I got at idling, the easier it was to ride backwards. I worked on rolling backwards for a crank or two, the forwards. Them backwards a little further…etc. now I feel pretty comfortable!

Try, Try,Try again… good luck

Re: help riding backwards!

It’s exactly like learning to ride forwards. At first you could only do that a few feet, but now you can do it forever without thinking. Keep practicing, if you can’t go continuously yet, then do it next to a wall to get the feeling before you try doing it on your own.

Remember to keep your weight on the seat, LIKE ALWAYS. Know what is behind you when you’re learning and look in front of you. I look off into the distance or much further than the 10 feet cited earlier. Try not to chicken out but fall off instead. This is harder to make your brain do when you’re riding backwards but, like all riding, you encounter more corrections each ride and learn faster. It’s just scarier going backwards.

I would say don’t bother with it for now. Unless you are a freestyle freak, wait until you get better in general. I didn’t practice backwards much in the beginning, since it was frustrating, and I feel backwards onto my wrists and tailbone a few times. A few months later when I was better at general balance I tried again and it came easily.

Another thing I found helpful is riding backwards uphill. This keeps you from getting out of control. Also it allows you to keep more pressure on the pedals (control the wheel better) without swiveling all over the place.

start with 1/2 pedal backwards then 1, then 1 1/2, then 2 and so on, but make sure u can stop and go forwards again and that u don’t fall off. and don’t get too frustrated cuz i did and it doesn’t work too well

Here’s a past thread on learning backwards riding: Backwards Tips. The thread drifts a big, but does have some good ideas and comments.

I like the super-idle method that I mention in that thread. I consider it the controlled way to learn how to ride backwards.

Re: help riding backwards!

“harper” <> writes:

> It’s just scarier going backwards.

Not just scarier - riskier, too! It can be harder to maintain balance
during a backwards UPD. So far, I’ve hit both elbows hard enough that
my table manners improved (no elbows on the table when doing so hurts
like hell) and came within an inch or two of whacking my skull on the
corner of a curb when hitting a twig send me flying backwards.

The bottom line is wear armor, including elbow pads and helmet, for
backwards practice. At least if you are in injury magnet like.


Nah. Backwards riding is lots of fun and pretty easy, although its a little frustrating at first. Unless you’re a trials freak, go for it!

This helmet gizmo may help keep you from falling on your butt as much. Then again it may be a solution for a problem that is not really that big of a deal.
It does not look down behind you, just in the distance behind you.:

Learning to idle with my ‘wrong’ foot helped me with riding backwards - it helps you to recover when your feet aren’t quite in the right spot. I’m no expert at riding backwards, but learning to wrong foot idle has certainly helped me get to the point where I can now ride backwards across a room, or if I falter I can now recover (usually) and ride forwards enough to have another go.

Practising is rather important too, but I won’t patronise you by mentioning it…


I agree. I idle with my right, but learning backwards makes you learn to idle on your weak foot too for recovery. Basically what he ^ said. :smiley:

I didn’t learn on a wall. Just go for it. Half or one revolution at a time. And the only time I fell on my butt was when I was practicing backwards, and my shoelace got wrapped around the pedal axle. And of course, a university tour group was walking past just as that happened. Go figure…