Help Replacing Hub Bolt

So I’m back into unicycling after what must be an 8-10 year hiatus. Today while riding, I noticed I lost my hub bolt somehow and my crank was barely hanging on. I went back a half mile or so on the trail an couldn’t find anything.

So basically, can someone help me find a replacement. I wish I could find the specs of my ride, but it must be 8 years old and I can’t find anything. It’s a 24" muni. I know the hub is a Kris Holm, as are the cranks. The cranks are labelled R170C and L170C (for left and right I assume). I’ve attached pics of the remaining hub bolt here:

Thanks for any help. I appreciate it

I’m pretty sure those are M8, go check at your local bike shop. I think I got the last set of those bolts at UDC a few years ago. I only got one because they had only a single bolt left.

Your LBS could surprise you. Bring the uni and the bolt.

Fantastic. I was planning on stopping by tomorrow anyhow. If that fails, is there a preferred place for parts nowadays if doesn’t meet my needs?

Well, my local bike shop had a spare, so they just gave it me. Thanks for the help. It’s good to know what its called, if I ever need to order some in the future.

I sould write that down :roll_eyes:

My Muni uses the same bolt and I had problems w/ the axle bolts loosening, so I kept putting them on tighter. Only dwindled to a moderate problem when at the max 65 ft-lbs, w/ red Locktite. A while later, because of so many re-tightenings at such a high tourque, the bolt broke off.

The Machine shop teacher at my Junior College got the remains of the bolt out of the axle for me for free :sunglasses: . When putting on the new bolt I realized there was some greese on the axle threads. I cleaned them, torqued the bolt to 45 ft-lbs w/ blue Lcktite and hasn’t loosened again :smiley:

We have some of the bolts at UDC UK.


Make sure you use a thread locker (the blue stuff of the bolt pictured) on the replacement bolt. Otherwise you’ll probably lose it again. The left one is a lot more susceptible due to prevalent wheel rotation.

E.g.: <== can also be found at hardware and auto parts stores.