HELP! Qu-AX DB-45 E.R.D?

Hi there I was in the middle of building a QU-AX 10 spline hub onto the QU-AX DB-45 (48h) rim and I was horrified to discover the spokes are too long :(.

Does anyone know what the effective rim diameter (E.R.D) of the QU-AX DB-45 is because I think that’s why I have the wrong spoke length?

  • I did try and measure it myself, so I could calculate the spoke length. I made the E.R.D 367mm (+/- 3mm), but it was very inaccurate.

And now I’d just like to rant, a few unicycle companies annoy me so much because they have poor technical information, like cut away diagrams, measurments and part no.s ie. NONE!

Decent bike companies like Truvativ, Hope and Middleburn have them so why doesn’t QU-AX, Kris Holm, Monty or Onza (they’re the worst their main website doesn’t even have their uni on it!)?

onza, monty and possibly qu-ax are bike trials companys so of course they wont have their uni on it. and why do you need a cutaway diagram of the rim or any other part. because especially with the rim the design is so similiar to others…

it may be similar, but it’s not the same, a few mm difference in the E.R.D can totally screw up the spoke length as it has In my case the spokes I’m using are at least 3mm too long.

I might just extend the thread and cut them down.

I never said I needed a cut away diagram of the rim, but other parts would be nice like the hub and spacer arangement.