Help posting a Video

I have seen some videos posted under galleries and I was looking around and coulden’t figure out how to do it exactly. I have 2 short video clips I’d like to post, can anyone tell me how? Thanks!


Wouldn’t it work if you just went to ‘Attach File’ when you’re posting something and clicking ‘Browse’ and attaching it through there? Forgive me if that’s a stupid suggestion because I don’t know much about computers. I just thaught it might work because that’s how you attach a photo.

Andrew Carter

Sorry…I just realised you’re not talking about attaching videos to threads. Good luck.

Have you logged in to the gallery? You need to click login (right side under the search box) before you can create an album which you can then upload photos and videos to.


Thanks! I think I got it, you guys can check out this video clip I made, it’s just me hopping up 3 small stairs. Maybe I’ll make some more if the weather clears up…:o Thanks for the info!