help: post too large

Today I’ve received my Torker unistar dx 24", and to my surprise, the post is very very large. When I insert the post into the fork, the seat remains too high. My height is 1,76 meters (5 feets, 9 inches)

The question is:
. is this normal (to receive a large post) ?
. if so, what did you do ? have you cut it with a traditional saw ? Should I care about something ?


Yeah, this happened to both me and my friend when we got our DX’s. Just make a mark about where you wanna cut it and use a pipe-cutter, or hacksaw if you don’t have a pipe cutter. Don’t cut it too much though, cause then you got a problem.

To find where you want to cut it insert the tube fully to where it feels comfortable, then make a mark where the tube comes out of the crown towards the wheel, and cut there.

I’ve had to cut every post shorter (I’m 5’6"). Use a hack-saw, or, for a cleaner cut, use a pipe cutter. Remember, it’s better to cut off some more if the post is still too long than cut it off too short.

Yes, this is normal.

As others have said, cut it with a hacksaw (saw for cutting metal) or pipe cutter. Cut off a small amount. Then, insert the seat post into the fork and try it to see if it remains too high. If it is still too high, cut off another small amount. Do not cut a large amount because then the post could be too short.

cut it with a pipe cutter…

umm… the seatpost doesn’t come out the bottom on a DX, so that method of measurement is wrong… forget about pipe cutters, get a saw zaw/cutoff saw/whatever you want to call it and cut it off :slight_smile:
if you don’t have one… go w/ the pipe cutter

to measure
good luck

cut off 1" at a time??

pipe cutters are far easier and faster then a hack saw, and it will leave a clean cut.

When I first got my DX I hacked off 3 inches and was fine, then once I got into trials more, I cut another inch off. Now its at a perfect height.

Just use a hacksaw and bevel the edge of the cut with a file or rasp.
Job done.

i had to cut my DX down almost 6" seeing how i’m 5’3". when i cut mine, i made sure that when it was at a comfy height, the bottom of the post wasn’t touching the underside of the crown. i dont know it this imperitive, but i felt it was the right thing to do.

figure out exactly how much you have to cut off and do it
try to leave it all the way down at the hight you are most comfortable w/

cut it however you want… it doesn’t matter anyways

my dx post was too long also